20 comments on “[wallpapers]”Lee MinHo – My Style”

  1. wow friendship gebens i like your webpage!
    very informative…
    im starting to be familiar with some of the korean stars

    min ho is one of the georgeos male star in korea
    i love him!

  2. hehe, thanks ichisen! finally you visited my simple page of all korean artist and kpops. Hope you enjoyed watching them.

  3. hi geben’s thank you for your website …
    may music video din ba tong mga korean? hindi ko pa kasi mahanap eh!hehehe…nice yong mga pic ha…

  4. hello sis kristel!yup naman ung nasa list ko lang dyan like BOA. just check it nalng. thanks for dropin by.

  5. Lee min h0 i want t0 c0ngrulate with y0u c0z y0u acchieve success in b0ys 0ver fl0wers..y0u are s0 sweet t0 be my b0yfriends..just j0king..

  6. lee min ho i adore u alot m frm india n i love bbf ua really handsome charismatic i love u lee min ho n i lyk ua hair style n i wana b ua fren plz do reply i wil wait 4 ua ans..i love u lee muahaaa…

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