Basic KoReAn LaNgUaGe

Hanggugo (Han-guu-go) – language
Hangul (Hahn-guul) – writing system
Kanada (Kah-nah-dah) – alphabet
Korean language has 24 phonetic symbols and 140 syllables
10 vowel sounds (has long and short vowels), 14 consonant sounds (it receives primary stress)
Pit changes only when there is a question, declaration or command
There’s no particles (a, the)
No singular and plural
Omits the subject (noun, pronoun) when it’s understood
No F,V,Z

how are you, good morning, good afternoon, hello, how do you do:
Annyong haseyo? (Ahn-nyong hah-say-yoe?)
Annyong hashim nikka? (Ahn-nyong hah-sheem nee-kkha?)

Goodnight: Annyong hi chumushipshio (Ahn-nyong he chuu-muu-ship-she-oh)
Goodbye: Annyonghi kashipshio (Ahn-nyong-he kah-ship-she-oh)
See you later: Tto poepket ssumnida (Toe pep-kay sume-nee-dah)

One(1): Hana (Hah-nah)
Two(2): Tul (Tule)
Three(3): Set (Sehtt)
Four(4): Net (Nehtt)
Five(5): Tasot (Tah-saht)
Six(6): Yosot (Yoe-saht)
Seven(7): Ilgop (Eel-gope)
Eight(8): Yodol (Yah-dahl)
Nine(9): Ahop (Ah-hope)
Ten(10): Yol (Yahl)

Spring: Pom (Pome)
Summer: Yorum (Yuh-rume)
Autumn: Kaul (Kah-ule)
Winter: Kyoul (Kyah-uule)

9 comments on “Basic KoReAn LaNgUaGe

  1. i want to lern korean language but its super hard maybe. I think its more hard to learn the pronounciation than to learn how to write it.. I got interest in learning korean language since i found out that im a die hard fan of Lee Min Ho.

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